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Absolutely American, by Cass Van Gelder

My editor wants to thunk my forehead. He asked me back in November to write about the Syrian refugees. I’m seeing him at a party in a few days and I can only dodge him so long, seeing as it’s his house.

I dragged my feet on this column because I didn’t want to be reactionary, which seems to be the achievement du jour in a world of click-and-burn comments and responses.

As Thanksgiving week came and went, me alongside the sweetest Republican xenophobes (whom I adore in spite of my fears when I envision them in a voting booth,) my mind tumbled with what shutting these refugees out meant.

So, follow me on this one…


Cass Van Gelder is a New Insider and Guest Columnist with the Shelbyville Free Press, her family are recent transplants from Las Vegas, NV.

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