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Charter & Zoning Ordinances of Shelbyville, Tennessee

In order to keep our City Government Honest and Transparent, we will host the documents that apply to all residents of the City of Shelbyville here. These will include the City Charter, and every version of the Zoning Ordinances that we have been able to locate.  Since this information is no longer available to the public on the official website of the city of Shelbyville.

Shelbyville City Charter

As of April 17, 2015

Shelbyville Zoning Ordinances

Shelbyville Zoning Ordinance 1990-April 24, 2014

Article III Missing

Shelbyville Zoning Ordinance: April 24, 2014-

Shelbyville Zoning Ordinance: 2015

"Under Construction" per the City of Shelbyville website

City of Shelbyville Historic Districts & Landmarks Guidelines

Converted to Digital Format 2014 by Rodney Thompson